Who We Are

We provide healing from skin to soul so you can return to your whole self.

The Yoso Wellness Spa Approach

What makes us awesome

We’ve Expanded our Santa Cruz Location

Evolving through a pandemic and 2020, we opened Yoso the Annex on Nov. 18th 2020. A wellness lifestyle shop for all and an extension of Yoso Wellness Spa. Our goal is for you to “feel whole from skin to soul” while experiencing true care so you can be your best self; whether you are at home or the spa.

Through this wild year we spent a lot of time thinking about how we can better support YOU in all your 86,400 seconds of every single day and live in a time when self care and nurturing matters more then ever before for our mental, emotional and physical health.

The Annex is dedicated to treasured self care, clean beauty, intentional wellness, earthy goods and high vibrations with sustainable products honoring our beliefs for non-toxic living for your optimal health inside and out. 

You can shop Yoso the Annex in person down the street from the spa at 109 Cooper St. as well as now enjoy a complete online shopping experience.

Established in 2012, the team at Yōso Wellness Spa bring an unprecedented level of service to the Santa Cruz Community.

We are proud members of the Monterey Bay Green Business Program as well as the Eminence Green Spa Program and Think Local First – Santa Cruz County.  As well as recipients of the *Be The Difference Award - 2019. *Entrepreneur of the Year - NEXTies 2018. *MINDBODY Visionary Award - 2018, 2019. *SWELLIES Favorite Facial, Spa & Green Business - 2018,2020. *Good Times Best of: Gold - Best Esthetician - 2017. *Good Times Best of: Day Spa, Esthetician, Waxing - 2014, 2015, 2016. *Most Compassionate Business Award: Mindbody BOLD 2016. *Leadership Bravo Award: WNA - 2016, 2017.

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Jennalee Dahlen

Founder & Chief Visionary

For many years I have had a deep passion for skin health and the incredible physical, mental and emotional benefits it can create for an individual when it is taken care of.  I could not be more thrilled to share that enjoyment and knowledge with all the wonderful humans that experience a treatment with me. 

I believe the skin is our third brain and the health of it goes beyond what we see on the surface which has led me to continue to expand not only my education, but the services we offer at Yoso. Our whole body has a story to tell, it simply needs to be seen, heard and acknowledged with conscious products, educated practitioners and treatment focused services.

Yoso was formed with the intention to be a respite for you to feel whole from skin to soul while offering organic products, holistic treatment focused services. My mission is that every person that interacts with us in any form, be it on the phone, online or walking through our doors, feels seen, known, and cared for, whether they experience a service, purchase something from us or just pop in to check us out. If it is possible to find a soul mate in a career, I have found mine! 

If community was a second passion, well then that is mine. I believe in the power of connection, being kind and welcoming all. I believe in the power of engagement and the ripple effect a smile can make. Well now that we are in the time of COVID, I believe in the smile our eyes can make and the positive impact and ripple effect that can have for others.  

Welcome to how Yōso was formed, with passion, vision and a lot of heart. 

With a degree from San Jose State University in Advertising and Business Marketing followed by working as a buyer for a Green Business, Sports Basement, I decided to make a shift to follow my skincare passion in 2010. My education in Esthetics began at a school in Santa Clara with the highest standards and enthusiasm for success. I have received extensive training from the International Dermal Institute, Concepts Institute, Eminence Organics, Osmosis Skincare, Cecily Brayden and many more advanced educators throughout the United States. I continue to take advanced education classes in subjects such as skin conditions, Manual Lymphatic Drainage for the face, massage techniques, REIKI, Gua Sha, Gemstones, product ingredients and essential oils. A large accomplishment and stepping stone in my career was becoming a certified as an ONCOLOGY Esthetician! In my opinion education is one of the most important things I can do for my role in working with each of you, because as they say, “knowledge is power.” The more informed I am, the better I can inform you!

I am the type of person that jumps for joy from even the smallest things. My life could not be more fulfilled thanks to what I call my woodland fairies, also known as my three little girls Iylee, Marley and Braysen. You will likely meet my kids at some point as little spa nomads drifting around as they LOVE to be at Yōso helping out with little projects and getting treatments themselves!

I can’t wait to meet you at the Spa or at our new lifestyle wellness shop, Yoso the Annex!

With True Care,


Founder & Chief Visionary with a Splash of Happiness

~ Jennalee Dahlen

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Deva Cassandra


Growing up in a pristine setting at the foot of the magnificent Mt. Shasta, I have been immersed in health and wellness for as long as I can remember. 

I became a certified herbalist in 2013 and went on to get my masters in Traditional Chinese Medicine from Five Branches University. Since then I have continued studying and practicing in what has become my passion and my life’s work. 

I carry a great appreciation for the ancient lineage of knowledge and wisdom passed on through my teachers. From them, from my childhood fascination with the ways of nature and from my work over the last several years, I have created a signature, results driven, cosmetic acupuncture and facial gua sha treatment. I love seeing the vibrant beauty emerge from each of my patients. 

I truly believe health is our true wealth and with natural support, well-being will shine through our skin.

~ Deva Cassandra

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Jessica Beauchamp


I have over  a decade of experience as an esthetician in the skincare industry. I have a passion for health and wellness and enjoy sharing my extensive knowledge in nutrition to help my clients achieve balance in their busy lives. I love incorporating my knowledge of nutrition with organic treatments, to help my clients achieve clear, beautiful, glowing skin.

~ Jessica Beauchamp

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Jaclyn Etcheverry


While attending the University of San Diego I studied education and found a love for teaching.   When I discovered the skincare profession and became an Esthetician I realized the two go hand in hand.  I’ve enjoyed using my back ground to help my clients discover the importance of good skin care and healthy habits.

I began raising my family and started focusing on healthier lifestyle choices. Over time I’ve changed the way we eat to the products we use in our daily lives.  I am still learning and tweaking things the same way I am always learning new information about skin and nail care. Continually furthering my education is a priority and gives me the confidence I need to provide the best services to you, the client.  

Being at Yoso Wellness Spa where I can offer healthy, non-toxic services and products is the perfect fit. 
I feel so lucky to have found and love this career path and that it allows me to live here in Santa Cruz with my family.  

I look forward to meeting you very soon.

~ Jaclyn Etcheverry

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Ayla Shuey


My name is Ayla Shuey. I have been an esthetician at Yoso Wellness Spa for over a year now.  I graduated locally here in Santa Cruz from the Cosmofactory and fell into esthetics after thinking I wanted to go into haircare. Through our schooling, I found my true calling was with skincare and redirected my focus to strictly esthetics. 

Since then I have taken extended education with Eminence Organic Skincare, Osmosis Beauty, Jane Iredale, Jade Roller Beauty and Dermalogica. I love skincare and how there is always more to learn and teach.  

I am very excited to be working somewhere where the holistic side of esthetics is honored. I believe the way to amazing skin is not only developing a skin regimen but also lifestyle, and feeling beautiful from the inside out. 

One of my passions is helping people feel great in their skin through a fabulous and holistic beauty routine. I really look forward to meeting you!

~ Ayla Shuey

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Tiffany Cottle

Massage Therapist

I am inspired by Yoso Wellness Spa and believe in the growth that can happen when you enter such a nourishing space! I am a true believer in the intuitive wisdom of the body and know the importance of self-care which is why I am passionate about massage and its therapeutic effects.

I want you to receive the massage that you both want and need so I draw from a wide range of therapies including Swedish, Deep Tissue, Myofascial, Sports Therapy, Trigger Point, and Reiki. I look forward to working with you and guiding your experience into total relaxation and relief at Yoso Wellness Spa.

~ Tiffany Cottle

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Kate Miller

Lash Artist

Kate has been a licensed esthetician since 2009. She discovered the niche craft of lash extensions while working in San Francisco. What was once thought to be a fleeting trend has now sustained Kates career for over a decade. And as the industry has evolved so has Kate but she always remains focused on the integrity and health of your natural lashes. She truly believes in lash extensions with intentions.

~ Kate Miller

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Sarah Yorba

Reception & Esthetician

Howdy! I'm Sarah, I recently relocated from Southern California but my roots have always been drawn to the magnificent, gorgeous Redwoods. I have a passion for holistic skincare and wellness that led me to becoming an licensed esthetician. I spend my morning with a relaxing yoga/meditation session paired with a matcha latte treat. Other activities that bring me joy are hiking, rollerskating, running and biking.

I look forward to meeting you.

~ Sarah Yorba

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Ann Githinji

Spa Manager

Hello! I am delighted to be at Yoso Wellness Spa. My passion for wellness is both fueled and inspired by this place and what we offer. My job is to make Yoso the best it can be for you - like planning wellness classes, connecting with the community and supporting our team of talented and wonderful people.


My love for health and wellness stems from my childhood. I spent a lot of time exploring the great outdoors and eating healthy home cooked meals. 


I am a bit of a Nomad and have lived several places, but my roots are in Kenya.  I am currently earning my certification as a personal trainer, and when I am not working I can be found by my fireplace, outside enjoying all that Santa Cruz has to offer. I also coach and play basketball!


I’m looking forward to seeing you at the spa, or at a local event soon.

~ Ann Githinji

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Hanna Bradbury

Smile Maker at the Annex

Hello! I am pleased to be joining the wonderful Yoso team and working at their beautiful new retail store, Yoso the Annex! I moved here from NYC at the beginning of the year and have loved everything that Santa Cruz has to offer. I grew up on a small organic farm in the mountains of Colorado and learned from an early age the power of nurturing the body both inside and out through healthy foods, herbs and tinctures, all natural products, and being outdoors in nature. When I’m not at Yoso, you can find me gardening in my backyard, mountain biking, at the beach, or running a fine-art photography studio, Onda, with my husband. (ondafoto.com) I look forward to seeing you at the Annex! 

~ Hanna Bradbury

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Shalamar White

Warm Welcome at Reception

Working several years providing high-level service in reception and the upscale hospitality industry has truly shaped my whole approach with each guest/client interaction from a warm welcome, creating a wholesome experience that goes beyond expectations, to a satisfactory departure until the next visit! The bonus being all the wonderful connections and joyous interactions.

I was raised to try and always approach all things in relation to the body in a natural and holistic way when possible. Yoso has been my first place of employment where I feel a strong connection to some of my most important values (including the shared values of everyone that operates and makes Yoso what it is with their radiant selves) that I’ve had all my life and that brings a great sense of well-being that I absolutely enjoy.

I love to also produce graphic design on the side and get crafty with every other type of medium. I have a large tribe of siblings/family that have travelled the gypsy life up and down California, and from the east to west, the real discovery being that we had each other through it all.

I can’t wait to warmly welcome you into experiencing the great vibes and services of Yoso!

~ Shalamar White

What sets us apart

Our Values


Enso Experience

Allowing and guiding clients to experience their body's natural state in order to achieve their highest wellness.

Experience the full circle benefits of Yoso as a team, providing a meaningful space to clients from the moment they call or walk in, the service they experience, continuing into the days after they leave.


Kindred Connection

To genuinely take an interest in the needs of people who come see us. Yoso truly cares & wants to aide their ability to take care of themselves. We strive to provide a supportive environment for all clients and welcome our clients in as part of our family. 

Creating a connection of community outside the doors of Yoso through event participation in many forms. Without our community love and support we would not have Yoso as we do.


Consciously Curated

Researching and testing each product and service to ensure quality before introducing it to our clients & community.

Being trusted to give the best quality and educated experience to everyone who buys our services or products.


Harmoniously Proactive

Taking ownership over our roles at the spa and treating our space and each other with the care they deserve.

Anticipating what will make Yoso outstanding and do those things each day so that we and our clients leave happier than when we arrived. 


Humble and Helpful

Recognizing and caring for others as individuals like we do for ourselves.

Actively listening to and respecting everyone’s ideas so that we all can contribute and learn.

Openly sharing knowledge and expertise, because we can only succeed as a team.

We can answer that for you

Frequenty Asked Questions

You can undress to your level of comfort. Your practitioner will walk through this with you more. Throughout the session, you will be covered with a sheet and blanket with only the area being worked on exposed.

We are located at 740 Front St. Suite 110 in Downtown Santa Cruz in the Galleria right next door to Cafe Mare.

You can park in the Trader Joes Parking lot or the Galleria parking lot. Both are free parking. There is also a paid parking structure behind our building.

We are located at 109 Cooper St. in Downtown Santa Cruz across from Abbott Square and the MAH right next door to Laili Restaurant.

You can park in the Trader Joes Parking lot or the Galleria parking lot. Both are free parking. There is also a paid parking structure behind the Galleria.

You can call us at the Annex at 831-247-1987.

Speak to your therapist about what’s going on with your skin or body based on the treatment you are visiting us for.  Let them know what your primary goals are for your treatment and they will make sure to work with the goals along with anything they see that is important to address.

Yes, of course you can. If possible when scheduling let us know what kind of gift card you will be using. This will also help us identify if it is a donation gift card and a particular practitioner it is intended to be

We also accept SpaFinder and SpaWeek gift cards for services. Unfortunately SpaFinder and SpaWeek can not be used for products.

Yes, due to COVID, we are by appointment with the occasional ability to accommodate a walk-in guest. Please call 831-600-8053 or email hello@yosowellness.com to book your appointment. You can also schedule an appointment online. If you have the MINDBODY Mobile App you can also schedule with us through that site. 

If you are unable to make your appointment please call and email us. You can absolutely reschedule your appointment however we do have a 24 hour reschedule policy.  Please see our Cancellation policy FAQ.

If you call within less than 24 hours of your scheduled appointment or are a no-show, a 50% fee of your service will be applied. We certainly do not want to charge anyone so please be considerate of your practitioners time reserved for you as you would for a doctor appointment or hotel reservation. We do require a CC number at time of booking appt. 

You can like us on Instagram and/or Facebook  to enjoy monthly promotions and specials. We also offer 15% off for referrals to the referrer and referee as a thank you and welcome

Yoso the Annex is a wellness lifestyle shop for all and an extension of Yoso Wellness Spa as well as our online retail store.

The Annex is dedicated to treasured self care, clean beauty, intentional wellness, earthy goods and high vibrations with sustainable products honoring our beliefs for non-toxic living for your optimal health inside and out. 

You will find an array of consciously curated and tested wellness products for skin health, non-toxic living, oracle cards and crystals, astrology planners, wellness rituals, feel good gift cards, C B D products for internal and external, herbs, body products and so much more.