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Facial FAQs

Arrive Early. Get acquainted with the space and fill out our skin care questionnaire.

What’s Up. Speak to your therapist about what’s going on with your skin and let them know what your primary goals are for your treatment and they will make sure to work with the goals along with anything they see that is important to address.

Breathe. Take this time to relax your body and soul, learn about your skin and receive a result-driven treatment.

Do Nothing Else. You may want to help by lifting an arm or neck. It’s actually easier for us if you let yourself be relaxed and refrain from engaging any muscles while the work is happening.

Nope. We will take care of that for you with either a double or triple cleanse to really prep your skin for the rest of your treatment. However if you want, you are welcome to wash before coming.

Yes, that is fine. We will be doing a double or triple cleanse on your skin in your facial treatment. So come as you are.

Generally speaking, for best results and continued maintenance we recommend once a month. If you are coming for a specific concern such as reoccurring acne or pigmentation we recommend coming once a week for at least four to six weeks. During this time your skin will have the opportunity to be addressed on a more concentrated level.

However with this being said. If budget or schedule make 4-6 weeks challenging then we encourage you to  get in what you are able even if it is in the 8-12 week range or further out. Something is better than nothing! Think of it like going to the dentist. We can do that deeper treatment and really boost and support the health of your skin and then at home you maintain your skin with your homecare routine.

Yes. We typically do this after extractions and steam so we are not waxing and then putting steam directly on your face. And we do not do it at the end of the facial because we would prefer to put calming boosters or masques on your skin to love and soothe that fresh waxed area instead of ending your soothing and reparative facial treatment with a startling wax. 

We will ask if you are using any topical products that could affect your skin with waxing.

We encourage with or without a facial, if you can, avoid as much sun exposure on your face as possible due to the UV rays and effects on aging, pigment and potential skin cancers. This being said, it is safe.

However we would like to encourage you especially post treatment, and always to use a quality chemical free SPF and a wide brim hat to protect your beautiful skin. 

 If we are doing a peel, we can discuss more in detail the aftercare plan.

Nope, let all the magic we just did through your treatment and massage infuse right into your skin. Your face will feel replenished and so happy absorbing all that extra nourishment, repair and hydration.

You can. However if you are able go ahead and let your skin breathe for a bit before applying most makeup product lines. 

If you really want makeup on we also would love to support your skin with our Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup, it is healing and can further support the results of your facial with its skin focused ingredients.

Your esthetician will work with you to create a custom blueprint for your skin based on what you share that you see with your skin, what your goals are and what they see on your skin as they do an analysis and ask you more thorough questions. From there they can direct your treatment and make recommendations as is needed and as feels comfortable to you.  

If you are not sure which treatment you want though, we encourage starting with the 90 min Skin to Soul facial so there is plenty of time for them to really work on your skin goals along with what they see, get to really know your skin and also let you relax with a foot, calf, hand, arm, neck, shoulder and face massage.