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For optimal results this would be performed as a series of 10 to 12 treatments; ideally once a week between treatment. After that the condition of the skin is re- assessed, followed by once a month tune-ups to maintain results. 

However if your schedule does not permit weekly, then a max of 10 days apart. 

You can have stand alone cosmetic acupuncture treatments as well though if you are wanting a pick me up, facial boost and firming.

Yes. Deva will assess what is needed through your body based on your consultation and goals with your body and face.

Creating a quality skincare routine to continue to boost the results of your treatment is fantastic. Deva can discuss some ideal products for home use based on your goals. 

You can additionally have a skin consult with one of our licensed estheticians to come up with a well rounded home skincare routine based on your goals and concerns to do between visits with Deva. Products could range between cleanser, exfoliant, serums, masques, eye cream, oils and moisturizers.

Once a month treatment after a series is completed is recommended to maintain results.  

2-3 weeks after botox or fillers a cosmetic acupuncture treatment can be performed. This is to allow time for any botox or fillers to settle in and not risk moving.

The results are different for everyone, depending on age, lifestyle and current skincare regime. When Deva sees you in person she can discuss in further detail based on what is happening with your skin and body and  what results you can expect to see. 

Results can also be affected based on lifestyle, diet and home self-care. Taking internal herbal supplements that help to keep the skin and body moist and supple will immensely help to achieve desired results. Doing homecare, like jade rolling, facial gua sha and micro needling will greatly improve all aspects of these treatments and keep results going longer once the series is complete.  Deva will help to instruct you on supplements and homecare tools during the course of a series of cosmetic acupuncture.

If you have washed first, and come with a clean slate, that is excellent so that at the end of the service we can put finishing products on you and you can wear that through the rest of your day

It is not necessary to wash your face before your treatment, we will do a quick gentle cleanse to prep the skin with necessary oils for the treatment.

It is preferred if you are able to come to your cosmetic acupuncture service without makeup on your face so that we can ideally take a before picture to track the progress of your skin prior to your appt. 

Ideally to allocate as much time possible to performing the cosmetic acupuncture service if you can come without makeup that is preferred. However if it is not an option we will cleanse your face to remove the product.

Balanced health is achieved by having an unobstructed flow of life energy - called qi (chee) - through the meridian pathways of the body. When there is a blockage of the qi flow thru a meridian, pain, aging and ill health follows.

Acupuncture needles and botanical medicine remove blockages and restore the free flow of the qi, leading to health and vitality.

Yes, if needed based on the reason for your visit, Deva will do a cupping treatment within your service.

We sure do! They work just as great as regular cupping, but leave a little love behind for you.

Please come with some food in you belly.  It is not ideal to have a empty stomach.  We do have nuts and fruit in the bamboo lounge if you cannot make this happen.  After an acupuncture session it's ideal to stay warm, rest, take an epsom salt bath, drink lots of water and abstain from alcohol.

Yes, having a good herbal routine is fantastic and can further support the acupuncture treatments. Deva will speak with you about the appropriate herbs to take based on your concern and goals.

Exercise is fine on days you have acupuncture, but go light and be gentle.

Yes, being warm and relaxed after acupuncture is ideal.

It is nice to have a light healthy snack if you can before your treatment to further fuel and support your system, but do not stuff yourself. 

Post treatment make sure when eating that it is a clean healthy meal to help support the movement of qi. 

After your treatment if you are drinking alcohol, eating junk foods or foods high in sugar it can disrupt the effectiveness of the treatment and flow of qi.

If you notice your body is sleepy, listen to it and allow yourself to rest or take it easy. Some people get tired after acupuncture and some do not. If you do feel relaxed and tired, try to listen to that if possible in you day.  If you have to go back to work that it okay, just get back into a horizontal position as soon as your life lets you.

Acupuncture helps to move stuck energy throughout the body to clear pain and inflammation.  Acupuncture helps to keep the body in its ideal functioning state so that balance and ease can be maintained.

Everyone. Even the people who are scared of needles.  We have super small silicon needles that are essentially painless with insertion.  

Yes. Drink a lot of water. Your body will want to stay hydrated to support its rebalancing and facilitate in moving toxins out.

This will be specific to what the treatment is for that you are needing. Deva, your acupuncturist will speak in further detail to an ideal treatment plan with you based on the purpose of your visit.  Most treatment plans start with six treatments to see the biggest improvements, but this also depends on the condition and lifestyle habits of the patient.