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Questions About Lashes

Please come to your lash appt without eye makeup on to allow full amount of time to be allocated to lash application and not makeup removal. 

Yes. If you have images of looks you like, bring them. It will help your lash artist to create the desired look you would like to achieve while also taking into account your actual lashes and their health. 

Your lash artist will take into account what your lash goals are along with looking at your lash length and the health of your lashes to help achieve the look you desire while also helping maintain the longevity and support of the lashes.

For the first 24 hrs after application try to avoid water. Try to avoid rubbing your lashes directly or pulling on them. Pay attention to how you are sleeping to avoid having friction between your pillow and your lashes. Lightly brush your lashes out daily with a lash wand.

Wash with any non-oil based cleanser and wash around the lash line gently. Do not avoid washing your lashes, we want to assure your eyes are always clean for your lash health.

If you can try to keep them from being submerged in water for 24 hrs. Washing your face is okay. 

It is best to avoid the use of oils around the eye area. Oils can breakdown the lash glue.

Pay attention to how you are sleeping to avoid having friction between your pillow and your lashes. If you can, sleeping with a silk pillowcase is ideal.

Technically you should not need to wear mascara with lash extensions as it creates the effect of fuller, longer thicker lashes. However if you really feel the need you can, just make sure to thoroughly and gently wash your lashes daily. 

This depends on your regular lash fall out cycle and lash care. However typically people are getting fills to maintain the optimal look every two weeks. Depending on your desired look and also lash care you may come in once a week or every three weeks as well.

People are typically getting fills every two weeks to maintain their desired look . However depending on your goals, desired look and lash care you can come in anywhere between one week, two weeks or three weeks for a fill.

Yes, however we will schedule your first visit as a full application since we are not familiar with your lashes, their health, what type of lashes you have and the amount of lashes remaining. We may not need that entire time scheduled and will adjust the appointment time and service if necessary once you are here for your appointment. This just assures that if needed your lash artist has plenty of time to work with your lashes and make any adjustments if needed.

Everyone's real lashes do fall out naturally. Having lash extensions will not make your lashes fall out, but everyone's lashes do fall out naturally, so you may notice them fall out. This is normal. The difference is it is more evident because you have a larger lash you can see vs. our natural smaller thinner lashes.

With this being said, if you have previously had lashes that are too big or with too much volume and not the appropriate weight for your size lashes this can cause fall out and damage. Your lash artist at Yoso will work with your lashes to make sure the health of your lashes is the priority when selecting the size, volume and length applied.