Yoso Wellness Spa

Yoso is actively seeking to welcome on a team member to our wellness lifestyle shop and spa. 

We are looking for:

  • A self starter and extrovert with a true understanding and love of customer service as well as implementing systems to ensure an effortless operation. 
  • Someone that has a passion for wellness and a desire to learn more and help educate customers and clients in their wellness journey. 
  • Team player and can work independently.
  • Support with social media on retail shop page with daily stories and more to engage with community. 
  • Excited to both welcome clients at the spa and scheduling services as well as excite customers in our wellness lifestyle shop on our eco friendly and wellness goods. 

Come in today and see what Yoso has to offer: a fun, connected yet relaxing working environment with eco friendly and conscious product lines, as well as valuable experience.  

The team at Yoso is thriving, connected and passionate. Our energy is the attractor that makes people want to work for us!  

Please send your resume to Elevate@yosowellness.com or apply in person at 

Yoso Wellness Spa

Attention to Jennalee  

740 Front St - Suite 110

Santa Cruz, Ca 95060

    This is a position is for someone who:  
    Enso Experience:
    - Provides meaningful space to customers.
    - Supports customers in their wellness journey, no matter where they are coming from.

     Kindred Connection:
    - Welcomes in customers and takes interest in their needs. 
    - Aids customers in finding the products and gifts that aid their ability to take care of themselves or loved ones. 

     Consciously Curated:
    - Learns about the story and benefits of each product to share with customers. 
    - Gives quality and educated experience to everyone coming in. 

    Harmoniously Proactive:
    - Takes ownership over their roles by treating the space with care. 
    - Anticipates the needs of both customers and of Yoso as a business. Every employee is empowered to bring new ideas to elevate and grow Yoso.
    - Can work autonomously.  

    Humble and Helpful:
    - Openly shares knowledge and expertise with customers and team members. 
    - Actively listens to and respect everyone's ideas to help all contribute and learn.

    We offer:
    A place to grow your wellness knowledge and experience. 
    Some of the benefits include:  25% off treatments, 40% off products at Yoso Wellness Spa, and Gift every quarter. 

    How to apply:
    Send your resume along with a little bit about yourself to Elevate@yosowellness.com 


    Come work with us

    Yoso the Annex

    109 COOPER ST, SANTA CRUZ, CA 95060