Create a Work-Life Balance that Works for You

Balancing your professional and personal life can be a serious challenge, especially these days when working from home is common. In this article, we're here as your resource to go over what's important about a work-life balance and how it will help you create a more fulfilling, happier life. Then, we'll share our best tips to living a more balanced life. Let's get started with the importance of a work-life balance! 

The importance of work-life balance

Consider the negative side-effects of overworking. Living off-balance brings more stress and exhaustion, which leads to sickness. Another consequence of overworking can be a lack of quality time with the people you love like your family and friends.

Who wants that? Not me! 

Work-life balance

Would you benefit from a better balance of work and personal life? 

Finding the essence of why you want to create more of a work-life balance can be your motivation for change. Maybe your 'why' is to feel more vibrant and healthy every day. Maybe it's to spend more quality time with your kids. Whatever the reason, recognizing that you could do better automatically opens you to the possibility of a positive change.

Without further ado, here are some helpful tips to creating a work-life balance that will allow you to live a more fulfilling, balanced life.

How to Create a Work-Life Balance

Set boundaries

Learn to say ‘no’ when your schedule is too full. Instead you could delegate tasks or check your to-do list before taking on another task. If your boss is asking you to complete another project you don’t have time or space for, consider having an honest conversation about your workload and work-life balance goals.

If you’re noticing a tendency within yourself to not create healthy boundaries, get curious. Ask yourself: Are these lifestyle choices serving me? If not, how can I upgrade this mentality?  

Unplug and recharge

We’re all addicted to technology at this point. In order to really turn off work, we have to turn off our phones. Start by turning off your phone for a few hours a day after hours. Next, try turning off your phone the entire day (GASP!).

Notice how different your day feels without the constant barrage of notifications. You may even be more present and feel more rested when you spend a day without your phone! 

Rocks & Crystals

Prioritize your health 

If we have learned anything from the pandemic, it’s that your health is everything. Honor your body, mind, and spirit with treasured self care. De-stress and rejuvenate with a hot stone massage that deeply relaxes your body. Transcend into a blissful state with a nourishing organic facial, and gift yourself with self-care products to use at home. 

Self care isn't a luxury, it's necessary for your health and well being.

Go out in nature 

Here in Santa Cruz, we’re lucky to have beautiful nature all around us. Take advantage of the benefits of being in nature! We’re actually hardwired to de-stress when we take time in nature. Our parasympathetic nervous system gets a break from the stressors of modern life. Hiking or simply going for a stroll in nature is an incredible tool to use when creating a work-life balance. 

Santa Cruz  - Work-life balance
Build a support system

We’re not meant to do this whole ‘life’ thing alone. Allow yourself to be supported. Build a community, and reach out to friends and family when you’re feeling overwhelmed. Creating a work-life balance is much easier when you’re not in it alone. 

Start small

Rome wasn't built in a day! Your lifestyle choices can start small, and over time, you'll notice a big difference. Just keep doing your best!

We're in it together! 

Whether you’re just starting out, or you’ve been on the path for years, we’re all on this self-care journey together. I’m sending each and every one of you a big air hug! 

Share this article with a friend, and comment below with the best ways you create a better work-life balance. We'd love to hear your thoughts! 

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