Welcoming the Year of the Wood Dragon

The Lunar New Year is coming up on February 10th! We are transitioning out of the year of the Water Rabbit and into the year of the Wood Dragon. What does this mean? E X P A N S I O N. Are you ready for it?

The Water Rabbit helped us dive into the depths of our internal and external relationships. If it felt like we were swimming near the ocean floor all year long, with an occasional glimpse of an angler fish’s light, that’s because we were! Rabbit taught us a lot about our intuitions, fears, and connections. We can thank it for shedding light on the deep dark corners of ourselves, so that now we can rise up and out of our dens and take flight into the sky with a greater sense of self, a truer version of confidence, and a clearer understanding of our relationships. 

What does Wood Dragon have to offer us? It’s time to get a different perspective. While Rabbit was the deep and internal, Dragon is the high and vast. This is a year of opportunity and expansion. Rabbit got us more clear on purpose so that Dragon can bring that purpose to life! Whatever is it that has felt hard to get a move on with, likely will feel like it has more momentum building now. Remember to take care and not get lost in the sky this year. Dragon can be so vast that it can forget about the relationships that were fostered during Rabbit. Harness that power that we are transitioning into, while also remembering the humility that we are leaving.

The subject of Chinese Astrology is a major love of mine (Dr. Lauren). If you are my patient, I likely have talked to you about your character already, and how that might relate to your experiences and shape your point of view. If this speaks to you, book your acupuncture appointment here and you can learn more about how the year that you were born in, might be playing a role in what ales you today. 

With lots of love, care and gratitude, 

Dr. Lauren Fleming DTCM, L.Ac

Wood Dragon Expansion

With the above insightfulness from Dr. Lauren, you might be asking... Now what? How do I apply this to myself?

To fully embrace the transformative energy of the Year of the Wood Dragon and ensure you're leveraging this period of expansion to its fullest, consider integrating holistic wellness practices into your routine. The Wood Dragon year calls for not just mental and emotional growth, but physical revitalization and well-being. Here are actionable steps you can take to align with the Wood Dragon's vibrant energy:

  1. Personalized Wellness Consultations: Begin the Year of the Wood Dragon with a personalized consultation at Yoso Wellness Spa. Dr. Lauren will help you understand how the Wood Dragon's energy specifically impacts your life and how you can harness it for personal growth, health, and prosperity.

  2. Acupuncture and Energy Balancing: Book an acupuncture session to balance your energy, enhance your vitality, and support your body's natural healing processes. Acupuncture is a powerful way to align your body's energy with the dynamic and expansive nature of the Wood Dragon.

  3. Holistic Skincare Treatments: The Wood Dragon year is about showing your true self. Embark on this journey with our holistic skincare treatments that not only give your skin vitality, but also reflects your inner health and beauty. Allow your skin to radiate the transformative energy of the Wood Dragon.

  4. Detox and Rejuvenation Programs: Participate in our detox and rejuvenation treatments designed to clear away the old and make way for the new, mirroring the Wood Dragon's theme of renewal and growth. These treatments, including the Infrared Sauna, FDA-approved Lymphatic Drainage Machine, and our Ionic Foot Detox, are specifically designed to purify your body, mind, and spirit, laying the ideal groundwork for personal expansion.

  5. Mindfulness and Meditation During your treatments: During acupuncture, massage, a facial, or infrared sauna session, embrace mindfulness and meditation to foster the clarity, peace, and focus essential for navigating the Wood Dragon year's expansive energy. These practices will anchor you, ensuring stability and balance through the year's dynamic shifts.

As we step into the Year of the Wood Dragon, let Yoso be your respite for growth, healing, and transformation. We invite you to connect with us further by booking your first step towards a year of expansion and opportunity. Come visit us at the spa, book online here or contact us directly 831-600-8053 to schedule your appointment and begin your journey with the supportive, nurturing guidance of our Dr. Lauren and our amazing team! 

Let's embrace the Wood Dragon's energy together, ensuring a year of unparalleled growth and well-being.

As always our mission is for you to feel whole from skin to soul, experiencing true care so you can be your best self! 

I can not wait to see you in the spa.

With abundant love,


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