Venus Retrograde - Relationship, Romance, Beauty & Money

Is it just me or is anyone else feeling a little wonky lately? This is definitely a tumultuous time for the heart with Venus in retrograde and ruling the parts of our lives in romance, relationships, money and beauty through Jan. 29th. Now is a time to sort through any underlying issues that are lingering in the above areas. 

If you have been feeling the weight for a few weeks, that's accurate since Venus went retrograde Dec. 18th. To help simplify what's going on, and what to do about it, I am breaking it up into three sections with a conclusion below based on the different directions that can be stirred up in this retrograde. I do not usually write this much in the blog posts, but this one feels extra necessary and when the writing is flowing, sometimes its because there is something important to be released.

1. Being Open to Love, Trust & Growth

2. Personal Awareness

3. Freedom from the Patterns. 

4. Creating Balance 


This is a time that hope and fantasy is a necessary condition to open ourselves to love. Without hope and fantasy it can be hard to allow oneself right now to be open to love because love can be complicated. Complicated because love involves trust and that can mean confronting trust issues. Love and trust can sometimes be betrayed and that can hurt. Yet to be willing to embrace love nonetheless and be willing to say that you are willing to try that love is possible, is a beautiful thing. It is a brave thing. Its courage in a quiet knowing that if you trust yourself, if you trust your future, you will be okay no matter where it is that this journey takes you. 

Venus is moving so slow that we will not really get any respite from it until the beginning of January and that is where that hope that we are holding on to that will allow us to move out of the intensity. That day is today, Jan. 8th. 

Its a good time in this retrograde to take things slow and not make serious decisions around relationship, romance and money, because it can make it hard to see things for what they really are. For example its not an ideal time to be signing contracts around money or marriage certificates, etc. 

With this happening in Capircorn, which is an earth sign, determined to achieve what it goes for (think climbing a mountain to the peak), and being ruled by the planet Saturn which is about boundaries and commitment, makes it a good time to put in the work to truly earn what you are aiming for in romance, money and relationship. And with Venus in retrograde it is a time to smooth over the rough edges in the romance, money, relationship. Then once Venus is direct again you can take what you have learned to make positive progress. 

One of most important things is to be open to change. If you are not and remain resistant, the universe will hit you with a lesson.


Matters from past relationships could also surface, or ex’s could pop up reaching out, or be in your thoughts. Since it also hasn’t happened in Capircorn since end of 2013 its a good time to look back at relationships or money and what was happening end 2013 and early 2014 and what was coming up then and remedying those imbalances. 

If you feel a bit distant—or feel as though your partner is quieter than usual—it's crucial to soak up some "me time." You can think of it as a necessity and a way to recharge. Connect with what is self-health and self-nurturing for you. It could be a run, reading a book, soaking in the tub with a bath bomb and face mask or swaying to music cooking a delicious and nourishing meal. 

Here is one quote I read that resonated. 

“With Venus going retrograde in Capricorn, you might feel like walls are going up in your relationship and you're not really sure why," Watt says. "You might start to close off from love, people around you might start to close off from love, so it's kind of important to watch what's happening with your personal connections."

This shows me awareness is important to your thoughts and actions. Be patient and have grace with your self and with your loved ones whether this retrograde hits you in the realm of romance and or money. Use this time to come up with a practical, step-by-step plan, and once Venus is direct, using what you've learned to go forward.


This Venus in retrograde can provide more freedom as well; freedom from patterns we didn’t realize we’ve been carrying forward. Even when we said we wanted something different, even when we have said we are open to learning about love or learning about ourselves and love, or even if we are not fully open to that. This is where it will feel as if the universe has a will of its own and relationships right now can get rather intense and powerful. And can feel, in some ways, as if you are in a moment that you are able to understand and be free of those patterns.

We may have a tendency to attract, especially complicated feelings or strong emotions, and in some cases they may even surprise us, feel alluring or obsessive. Yet at the same time we have the conscious to leap into a future that is of our own choosing, a future that feels much more ready for a different kind of love. More liberated and more rooted in mutual respect. It is truly an evolution of love that is on the horizon for us out there, and where it is that we engage in this journey consciously, we make that much more of it. 


If you are trying to find balance from the intensity of the above, create space for yourself if you can to smudge and do simple rituals with crystals and oracle cards.  

In times like this and what Venus Retrograde is stirring up, I like to connect with crystals such as Black Tourmaline, Rhodonite, Carnelian, Rose Quarts, Aventurine, Amazonite and Ocean Jasper. My go to oracle deck is the Inner Compass LOVE cards deck for inward self love and outward love. 

This may not provide you with all the answers you are looking for from what you have been feeling as the year comes to an end, however it can provide clarity in direction and steps to take action. 

While there may be some growing pains right now, I send energy for 2022 to fill you with abundance in relationships, romance, beauty and money. 

Oh one more thing... Mercury goes retrograde Jan.14th through Feb. 3rd. So go ahead and bookmark that date to start preparing for it now. When the planets are moving backwards it always makes for a good time for reflective and retrospective endeavors, such as reviewing and revising important things, as well as what is and is not working for you and strategies to help. The 2022 Astrology Planner is a great tool for this. 

 Wishing you positive growth and connection!


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