Trust Your Gut! It knows what's what.

This could go so many directions right! What you eat. What you feel within. Lets touch on both and how it impacts our body.⁠ ⁠

How many times have you left a moment or situation and said, “uugghh if I had only listened to my gut!” When we are fully present in our bodies we can feel so much, our intuition is powerful. With all the “noise” in all the forms in our present day it is so easy to go outside to find the answers we are looking for, but really the most magical way is to allow yourself the space to be quite within and listen to your gut. ⁠

If you are struggling hearing your inner gut wisdom take a few moments a day to meditate or do something that connects you to your own self. Get a massage with Brenna, Louisa or Gretchen, maybe some acupuncture with Deva. Just try do something to help you connect deeper. 

I also LOVE leaning on oracle cards when I need a little more gut intuitive direction. Our Inner Compass Cards are some of my go-to for guidance. 

Like we said though, trusting your gut can go so many ways. Your gut also knows and can show you what’s making it unhappy. ⁠

Maybe you notice you are more lethargic, you have some breakout, dry skin, foggy brain. Often our gut health plays a large roll in how our body is performing or what we see on our skin. ⁠

Take a moment each day to journal what you eat. Notice any patterns related to how you feel or what you see on your skin. ⁠

This is where you can support yourself by going deeper and having a relationship within, listening and giving your body a deeper respect to help it be stronger from within. We can help you with what you notice going on and advice you for topical treatments, what you are eating and herbal support with our Sun Potion and Anima Mundi Herbals . Maybe even enjoy a guy reset with Kitchen Witch Bone Broth ⁠

Remember, TRUST YOUR GUT! It tells us so much!!

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