6 Helpful Tips to Avoid Greenwashing

Not everything is at it seems! Many companies today are selling products that are “eco friendly”, “safe for the environment”, or “natural”, but the conscious consumer has to dig a little deeper. With thorough research, you can pick out the pure-intentioned companies from the false ones, choosing to support brands that align with your personal values. Let’s dive in!

What is greenwashing? 

Greenwashing is the marketing tactic some companies use to claim their brand is sustainable, natural, and organic when it is not.

Lies! How could they? Why would a company do such a thing? The answer is two-fold:

  1.  Increases sales. The rise of the environmentalist movement has shown how much people really do want to support brands that are doing their part in not harming the environment. Making these claims is the quick and easy route to more sales.
  2.  Increases price. Prices tend to rise for eco-friendly products and services due to higher production standards and regulations. When brands only claim to be green and still raise the prices, this means more profit. 

This is why I have trust issues!

The global push towards sustainability is a move in the right direction, but unfortunately, some brands take advantage of this.

And once you begin to notice it, you’ll see green marketing everywhere. For example, the term “all natural” means nothing. Walk through the food isle in your grocery store and notice the plethora of green packaging. This eco-colored packaging also gives off the illusion of eco-friendly practices. Think again!


Why is greenwashing bad?

Greenwashing is lose/lose situation. You’re losing because you’re paying more for products or services that aren’t true to their claims of reducing their carbon footprint. The planet is losing because the company’s carbon footprint remains the same.

What is conscious consumerism?

Conscious consumerism begins the moment you actively decide to buy from brands that prioritize reducing harm to the planet. As you start on this journey, you will notice that it takes setting a clear intention, taking personal responsibility, and doing the research. While it requires some work, the impact is profound.


Tips to avoid falling victim to greenwashing

  1. Look for transparency. No more vague claims! If a brand is taking steps to be sustainable, they'll be happy to share specifics. Look for percentages and clear explanations for all environmental claims. The more specific the brand is and the less they use broad, vague or unqualified statements.
  2. Support brands you trust. Once you’ve done your research and found a handful of brands you trust, support them however you can. Whether it’s buying from those brands before buying from Amazon or other big companies, even if it’s not as convenient as a 2-click purchase. You can also support brands by following and sharing their content on social media or recommend them to friends. Pssst – here’s our IG page ;) 
  3. Avoid "Green” fashion brands. Buying second hand clothes from the thrift store or doing a trade with your friends is always a more sustainable choice than buying new clothing. Often the “sustainable” clothing line refers to only a portion on the garment that’s been recycled, or they’ll even say it’s a “green” line without any truth to that claim. When in doubt ask questions.
  4. Check the end game. Is your hard-earned money going to the ultra-rich billionaire empire owner to pay for another yacht, or is it going to a local small business to support a local business owner who’s passionate about the community in which they live?
  5. Peep the logos. Check for a trusted eco-friendly logo like B-Corp, which ensures the company’s full transparency. These labels help you to sift through the brands to pick the ones you can trust. We love that extra level of security and carry brands like Eminence, the first skincare line to become a B-Corporation. Shop our Eminence line  now!

Concluding Thoughts

It’s important to understand that where you spend your money and the products you decide to buy have an impact on the planet. Imagine if our society collectively started to only buy products with the environment in mind. The result would be a huge collective impact. Together we can change the world!

About the Annex:

The Annex is dedicated to treasured self care, clean beauty, intentional wellness, earthy goods and high vibrations with sustainable products honoring our beliefs for non-toxic living for your optimal health inside and out. 

You will find an array of consciously curated and tested wellness products for skin health, non-toxic living, oracle cards and crystals, astrology planners, wellness rituals, feel good gift cards, CBD products for internal and external, herbs, body products and so much more.

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