New Year, New Moon, New Perspective - Taking Action

Its a SUPER NEW MOON at a NEW YEAR, time for NEW PERSPECTIVE! What a great time to set the foundation for the year ahead. We did a lot of watering ourselves this past year for change and now let’s bloom! 

I invite everyone and anyone, to join me, as you go within, connect and ask the below questions as desired. Taking a moment to look at where you are and what could be ahead. 

Sometimes we get so caught up in New Years goals or resolutions, that we forget to reflect on the previous year to start with a baseline for our beginning, so our goals and desires can be attainable and achievable with actions steps to follow setting the tone for positive momentum. 

A little mantra to say before diving in: With the doors of possibility that present themselves, may I not limit myself, and instead take a leap, take a chance. May I welcome in what feels right and may I say goodbye to what does not. This is my year to rewrite systems, release patterns, create space for insight, find clarity in my mission and flourish.

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Grab one of our Magic of I Journals or 2022 Astrological Planners and a pen and let the flood gates open. Brain dump time! 

•What do I visualize for myself and my future?

•What is working for me and what is not? What do I want to let go of

•Where do I feel my value and where do I not? 

•Where and what changes do I need to make?

•How do I want to live? 

•Where have I done the work and where do I have more work to do?

•How do I define what is happiness for me? Am I achieving that in my own self and feeling abundant?

•Where am I my own obstacle and in the way of my growth and where am I a product of my growth?

•Who am I today? Am I who I want to be? 

•Do I love who I am? 

•How do I show up for myself? How do I show up for others? 

•Am I surrounding myself by people and thoughts that lift me up?

•What inspires me to be the best version of myself. 

•Am I saying NO when I need or want to, and also YES, when I need or want to. 

•Where do I feel secure and stable internally and externally and am I grounding myself in that space? If not, what steps can I take to step into that space?

•Am I striving to be a better person than I was yesterday? 

•Am I stuck in repetitive patterns? Am I ready to break those cycles?

•Am I honoring my health and wellbeing?

•Do I have boundaries?

•Am I living authentically?

•Can I hold myself accountable or do I need an accountability buddy?

•What am I proud of and/or grateful for from the past year? 

Now go ahead and categorize what you wrote out into 5-8 areas of your life to break it down into actionable steps. Preparation is what creates the success. Through the preparation it reveals what is not working, where we need to clean up and now build the foundation for our healing and evolving into a new-self. I often like to draw my oracle cards during this time and sit with crystals and sage or palo Santos to clear. 

Now let's wrap it up...

As we step into a new year, I welcome you, I welcome myself, to sit in a peaceful space and connect with the above as we all find our steps forward creating all we desire for our days ahead. Be gentle with yourself, take time to process what comes up. Do not rush the process, if you need take your time, the solstice is coming in March and that is a beautiful time to move into action. 

Know that you are enough, the past couple years have been a lot, so be gentle with yourself and rest when needed as you carve your path ahead. 

Happy New Year 2022. Happy Super New Moon. 

We look forward to the journey ahead with you and all that is to come for 2022. 

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