From Microplastics to Plastic-Free Kitchen Sponges

Did you know there’s plastic in your kitchen sponges that goes directly into the ocean? But we’ve got a solution for you! In this solution-based article, we define microplastics, what they are doing for the environment, and how to transform your kitchen into an eco-friendly non-toxic space. 

By reducing your personal carbon footprint, everyone, including the planet wins. Here at Yoso, we want to show you the how and why behind your eco-friendly lifestyle choices! 


What are Microplastics? 

First off, let’s just clarify what microplastics are and how they are derived from everyday items like your kitchen sponges. A microplastic is the tiniest piece of plastic that forms by the breaking off of bigger pieces of plastic. 

The sponges the average household uses daily to wash dishes have microplastic in them. Those microplastics break off when using the sponge and go down your drain and into the ocean. From here they do not keep breaking down, they instead hang out forever floating in the water, they become part of the sea floor and are ingested by marine animals. Researchers have even detected microplastics in the smallest microscopic animals. 

The above is why we are determined to be part of the solution to help support you in a conscious lifestyle for not only your well-being, but the earth and the animals well being too. 

Help Solve the Microplastic Problem

The single most impactful way to reduce microplastics is to reduce your plastic consumption. According to, we dump about 17.6 billion pounds of plastic into the ocean every year. Start with a personal plastic audit. For example, ask yourself, “How could I make some changes and reduce my plastic consumption?” 

If 20 million households (half the population of California) used 1 kitchen sponge per month, that’ be 240 million sponges’ microplastics making its way into the ocean. Imagine if those households decided to switch to a more sustainable option. The implications could be huge! 

Our solution... sustainable environmentally conscious dish scrubbers and sponges that are made of bamboo, sisal and the loofah sponge is 100% biodegradable. 

Speaking from personal experience, they work just as great if not better than the traditional blue or yellow sponge we all know. And they don’t get all stinky and slimy. You can also easily clean them to make them free of any fun little growing friends that typically live on sponges. 

Small Changes Make the Difference

It starts with you and your personal decision, and we want to help you make those small changes that have a big impact. 

Plus, we have more power than we think! As a consumer society, our spending power has a huge influence on the future of the global economy. 

Come check out the conscious living options we have at the Annex, and if you have questions, feel free to ask!


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