Celebrating 12 Years of Wellness and Community Growth at Yōso Wellness Spa

Celebrating 12 vibrant years at Yoso Wellness Spa!

As I write this, I'm overwhelmed with excitement—imagine the brightest burst of confetti painting the sky, that’s the kind of joy enveloping my heart right now!

A Milestone of Growth and Gratitude

This June, Yōso Wellness Spa marks its 12th anniversary—a journey of not just enduring but thriving through challenges and celebrating the victories that have brought us here. Over these years, together with our dedicated team and the invaluable support of our community, we have grown, evolved, and embraced every obstacle as an opportunity to enhance our resilience.

Save the Date for Our Open House Celebration:

  • When: June 7th, 2024, 3-7 PM
  • Where: Yōso Wellness Spa
  • What: Join us for an afternoon open house of relaxation and celebration! Experience the unveiling of our new Low Touch Wellness Services, enjoy exclusive anniversary promotions, and immerse yourself in the peaceful ambiance of our expanded spa facilities and community spirit that makes Yōso so unique. 

This event will also feature:

  • Special discounts on services and products
  • Ear seeds with Dr. Lauren, TCM, L.Ac
  • Refreshments from Living Swell Kombucha and light bites to enhance your experience

A Year of Monumental Expansion

This past year has been particularly transformative with a significant expansion of our spa. Echoing the long gestation of a baby elephant, our project took over a year to complete—it was an 'elephantine' endeavor indeed! We're excited to unveil our new low touch wellness services, which include two state-of-the-art infrared saunas (one ADA accessible), a groundbreaking FDA approved lymphatic drainage machine that performs the equivalent of 24 therapists at once, and an invigorating ionic foot detox treatment.

Celebration of Spirit and Community

As we celebrate this milestone, it's not just about recognizing our spa's growth but also honoring the collective spirit and determination of our community that stands united and strong. This anniversary amplifies our commitment to holistic wellness and is a testament to our shared belief that together, we flourish.

Special Offers for Our Beloved Clients:

  • Exclusive Open House Deals: Enjoy an additional 12% off on our newly introduced low touch service packages, 12% off pre-book treatments with our expert practitioners and 12% off gift card purchases.
  • Retail Delights: Get 20% off all retail items and receive a special gift with purchases over $100.
  • Experience Low Touch Services: From June 10-15th, try our new services like the Infrared Sauna, Lymphatic Drainage Machine, and Ionic Foot Detox at a 50% discount.

A Heartfelt Invitation

Join us as we embark on another year of providing 100% organic happiness and health. Bring a friend, indulge in the day's festivities, and let's make this anniversary a memorable celebration of wellness and unity.

I am incredibly excited to share this special day with you and look forward to many more years of growth and community wellness at Yōso Wellness Spa rooted in wellness and grounded in community by your side.

With all my joy and gratitude,


Founder & Visionary with a splash of happiness

P.S. Keep an eye out on instagram at @yosowellness for more details as we approach the big day. We promise an experience that will rejuvenate your spirit and invigorate your body, truly embodying the Yōso spirit where everyone feels whole from skin to soul!

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