Bridging the Gap - 10th San Lorenzo River Beautification

October 14th, 2023 join Yoso Wellness Spa and Hotel Paradox in our 10th "Bridging the Gap" River Beautification and Clean Up as we bring community together!

Meeting at Yoso Wellness Spa, 740 Front St. Suite 110, Santa Cruz, Ca 95060 arrive by 10:00, we will begin passing out supplies and wrist band for the pool party and walking over to the San Lorenzo River by 10:15. 

From 10:00-12:00 we will enjoy working as a community and connecting as we clean trash from along the river. At 12:00 everyone from the clean up with a wrist band is welcomed to join us at Hotel Paradox for an appreciation POOL PARTY! We will weigh what trash and recycling was collected and celebrate in the love we gave to our downtown San Lorenzo River!

We are honored to partner with Save our Shores, The Coastal Watershed Council as we work together to clean up and plant native plants along the San Lorenzo River!

We can not wait to see you there! Please contact if you have any questions. 

Bridging the Gap - 10th River Clean Up

*In 2019 Yoso Wellness Spa and Hotel Paradox with all the volunteers collected over 500 lbs of trash, it was the most successful clean up Save our Shores has had in a two hour period. We were honored to receive the "Be the Difference" Award from Santa Cruz as a result of the hard work and committed efforts that day. 

In January 2023 at our 7th river clean up after the storms we collected over 3,000lbs of trash with 100 volunteers in two hours. We could not do what we do without community bridging the gap! As a result in part of this community effort, among others that Yoso is involved in, Jennalee of Yoso was honored with the 2023 "Be the Difference Award" 

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