COVID-19 - What This Means for Yoso

Dear Friends and Family,

It is with many big feelings that we close our doors at Yoso in an effort to protect our team and community to stay strong and healthy, flatten the curve and honor the Santa Cruz County Shelter In Place Order. Please join me in this two minute read. 

Our physical doors are closed, but in so many ways we are open. You, our community, has never let us down and we will not let you down either. 

We are open for all the incredible opportunities and growth this time will bring. Open to getting creative with our new current way of life. Open to slow down, go within, reconnect, and the rebirth we get to have personally and/or professionally.  

There is a lot of uncomfortable, uncertain and scary feelings in new uncharted territories. I know I feel it as a small business owner, a mom with three little girls home for four weeks from school and a community going through so much. We are all feeling it. My heart is with all of you during these tumultuous times. My heart is with those affected by the virus, particularly those who are sick. My heart is with all the healthcare workers.

Yet in this moment I feel excited and grateful. I choose this over fear, because fear will not solve our problems. Togetherness will. 

I feel grateful for my team, who have stood by my side, by Yoso’s side and believe in our vision. I promise I will do all I can to make Yoso even more kick-ass for my team, when we reopen doors April 8th. 

I am excited for the time I always wished I had to work on Yoso and do my big vision projects. Now I am being given this time and opportunity to do so. 

I am excited and grateful because our earth is getting to breathe and heal during this time of a world-wide shut down. What a gift to mother nature as we come up on the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. She is getting to celebrate with peace, with calm, with breath. 

I am grateful for our clients I have connected with who had appointments over the next three weeks that have been so kind, compassionate and gracious as we are rescheduling everyone. (If you have not heard from me, you will this week.)

I am also grateful to all of you who have called in to purchase gift cards, products and/or pre-paying for services to help us get through this uncertain time. WOW. Talk about my heart exploding.

We are going to come back stronger than ever, I feel this in my core. Because we have you the dreamers and believers of community and small businesses.

So while our physical doors might be closed, we remain open within. 
I am shining big bright rays of sunshine out to all of you and your families.
I can not wait to see you in real life! 

With True Care from Skin to Soul,
Chief Visionary & Integrative Officer with a Splash of Happiness. 
What will you do with this time? Reply to this email to share, I would LOVE to hear from you for a little extra social engagement. ;-) 

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