Born in a Recession. This is Just our Puberty.

What is known through the unknown. 

WOW. There has been a lot to process on so many levels. Finding balance in the unbalanced and trying to know through the unknown. I'm going to get vulnerable with you as we settle in on day 12 and our new reality. Many have also inquired about how to help support Yoso through this tumultuous time, thank you, more on that is coming in a separate post. 

In 2012 during the recession, all I had to start my business was a husband that believed in me and $5,000. On March 29th, 2012 my second daughter was born. A week out of the hospital, April 7th 2012, I was signing a lease to start my business; formerly Santa Cruz Skin Solutions.

When the doors opened to Santa Cruz Skin Solutions I had zero dollars left over. All I had to go on was hope and I BELIEVED. I believed in my passion and craft and hoped a community would come and I prayed I would be able to cover our overhead.

Time passed, we grew and have continued to grow in a new location over the past 18 months with our most recent addition 6 mths ago being our Wellness Workshop space. 

Today, days shy of 8 years later, I start nearly at square one. This time praying April 7th 2020 we are preparing to open our doors again. Being affected by the shut-down, while still having our fixed expenses, we are left without a whole lot of left over dollars to maintain the business. But what I am left with is a tremendous amount of hope and I still believe in our passion and craft. The difference is this time I don’t have to question if Yoso will make it. Because it will.

The one MAJOR game changer is now I have a community of believers with me. A community that supports and joins in the vision we have created at Yoso. I have my sweet family with three little girls who support and believe in their mommy. I have it all! We will not fall. 

That is what I remind myself when I feel fear trying to creep up on me. Welcome to puberty Yoso.

Embrace all the feelings you are having right now. They are valid, they are yours and there is importance in them. I'm sending each and every one of you an air hug. 

I also want to thank you, as so many of our clients have reached out asking how they can support Yoso during this time. Below are a few ideas!

With True Care
Founder and Visionary with a Splash of Happiness.


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