'Inner Peace' Mom Bundle

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Give Mom the gift of zen with this carefully crafted Mother's Day gift package. Perfect for the Mom who values self care!

What's included:

Inner Compass Love Cards

This deck is designed to help you to experience love in all its possibilities. Each of the 49 cards contains many layers of profound wisdom and symbolism to initiate self-guidance, self-reflection and great personal growth.

Herbal Bliss Bath Crystals

The perfect treat to add to a self care routine, infused with both Lavender and Eucalyptus essential oils to ensure a peaceful nights sleep. Handcrafted with Pink Himalayan Sea Salt, Epsom Salt and Sea salt, Sweet Almond oil and a bright array of organic herbs. Crystal infused with a Rose Quartz crystal to enhance/amplify the healing vibrations.

Wild Harvested Palo Santo Incense Sticks

Palo Santo attracts positive energy and brings peace. Hand rolled in Peru with sawdust of selected Palo Santo wood, Palo Santo resin and vegetable gum. They're 100% natural without chemical ingredients.

Drip Incense Holder

A simple, yet elegant, concrete incense holder. 

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