'Blissed Out' Mom Bundle

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Celebrate Mother's Day at home in fashion with this mini-spa day bundle. 

What's included:

Mineral Bath Soak

C B D + pure magnesium create a bath soak with unparalleled effectiveness. Together, they have more power to relax sore muscles, calm nerve inflammation, and sooth itchy or dry skin. Infused with organically grown C B D and our special blend of essential oils of lavender, ho wood, and bergamot. 4oz

Love Healing Mist

Ingredients: Full Moon Water, Rose Quartz crystals, grapeseed oil, essential oil of Rose Absolute, Geranium & Nutmeg

Orgaid Sheet Mask Box (contains 4 masks)

This nourishing sheet mask is infused with Organic Greek Yogurt to supplement essential skin-loving nutrition to stressed-out skin. 

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