DAO Digestive Harmony
DAO Digestive Harmony
DAO Digestive Harmony

DAO Digestive Harmony

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Digestive Harmony, inspired by the classic herbal blend Preserve Harmony Decoction (Bao He Wan), has quickly become one of our most popular blends, offering a soothing yet powerful solution for balancing one’s stomach, upgrading digestive health, and generally delivering gut happiness when other western options have fallen short. From providing fast digestive balance and harmony after over-indulging or when you’re in an urgent digestive pinch, to offering daily health to keep your stomach settled, Digestive Harmony works quickly through this timeless herbal combination.

Digestive Harmony is great for:
-Stomach, Throat & Digestive Support
-A Sideways Stomach
-After a Night on the Town
-When Urgent Digestive Strength is Needed
-A Bloating and Ballooned Belly
-Bringing One’s Digestion Back to Harmony

15 Individual sachets per box