Calming Lavender Eye Pillow
Calming Lavender Eye Pillow

Calming Lavender Eye Pillow

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Find your center and quiet your mind with this luxurious lavender aromatherapy eye pillow. Filled with freshly harvested lavender buds and natural flax seeds, this profoundly relaxing blend serves many purposes—all intended to enhance relaxation and restoration. From meditation to anxiety management to a better night’s sleep, this simple tool is pure magic. 

With all these benefits, the lavender aromatherapy eye pillow is more than just an indulgence; it’s a necessary tool for anyone searching for better sleep, more profound meditation, and a few more minutes of relaxation. 



Filling - Lavender buds, flax seeds

Outer - Organ cotton, linen



The benefits of lavender in this delicate-but-potent eye pillow can’t be under-estimated. Lavender, in flower or oil form, can provide the following benefits to any user:
· Calms, soothes, and eases muscular tension 
· Helps treat anxiety 
· Helps lessen the effects of insomnia
· Helps treat pain associated with headaches
· Calms inflamed skin
· Reduces pain associated with injury 
· Balances Vata dosha
· Balances and cools Pitta dosha

Lavender also has antibacterial and antifungal effects, which neutralize many of the possible concerns that come with daily use. The addition of flax seeds in each pillow helps to keep the lavender fresh. 



Use hot or room temperature. Gently place over eyes before meditation, shavasana or sleep to calm and relax the mind.

Microwave Heating: You can microwave this eye pillow for 2-3 seconds, depending on your microwave wattage. Make sure to monitor and not let the pillow get too hot. Test on your hand before applying it to face. Heating supports stress reduction and insomnia.*

This lavender pillow lasts 4-5 months, depending on frequency of use. 

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